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Eco Membership Cards - The greener alternative to plastic

Eco Friendly Cards

If it's an eco friendly alternative to your plastic Membership Cards you’re looking for, then Royale Graphics can help you out!

With businesses everywhere becoming more and more concerned about the effect that the use of plastics has on our environment, we can assist you in your bid to reduce your Company's carbon footprint.

We offer a couple of types of Eco Friendly Cards, one with a perforated push out card made from recycled / FSC accredited paper and the other made from degradable plastic. More information on these can be found below.

Perforated 'push out' Cards

perforated membership card forms

A Laser Printer compatible A4 Form with a die cut perforated ‘push out’ card made from 100% recyclable or FSC accredited paper. These are produced on a heavyweight 250gsm material, making them ideal for use as a membership card. The cards which use no lamination are eco friendly and plastic free. You can have any number of cards per form, any size and shape. These can be printed single or double sided and can be personalised by you in house on a desktop laser printer. Samples of our eco friendly perforated card forms are available on request for testing.

Degradable Plastic Cards

biodegradable plastic cards

Degradable plastic cards which under normal conditions perform like a standard plastic card, however when introduced into the correct fertile environment (eg water, compost, the ground) will naturally degrade and break down and compose within 1 - 5 years. Our degradable cards are made from degradable PVC material and can offer many of the same security features and printing options as a standard plastic membership card including: signature panels, sequential numbering, embossing, magnetic stripes and barcodes

In addition to supplying your eco cards, we also provide a full personalisation, fulfilment and mailing service, at a reduced postage cost, saving you money.

If you would like more information about our eco friendly membership cards or for a quotation, please contact us via our online enquiry form, or email us at: Alternatively, you can call us direct on 0115 949 1880.